To sugar babies - how to find a sugar daddy & get sugar baby allowance?

Last update: 6/11/2019
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It must be an exciting moment when sugar daddy agrees with your desires for sugar baby allowance. This may be overwhelming to most sugar babies when they are first coming to the sugar bowl. Even, some attractive girls regard it as sugar baby jobs where they can easily make money from rich sugar daddies. As a sugar baby, you have the chance to date with a rich man but also get a considerable sugar baby allowance. The first question is how to get a local sugar daddy and how to ask your sugar daddy to get you money.

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How to find a local sugar daddy?

Finding a sugar daddy requires both patience and detective efforts. There are several ways that you can find a sugar daddy, including online sugar daddy through Craigslist, hang around the upper-class bar, golf club, diving club, rich men community as well as sugar daddy websites. Seeking sugar daddy through Craigslist is a creative idea but also takes you lots of time and energy to post your advertisement. Golf club or diving club is definitely the right place to find a rich man, but you have to spend a lot of money to enter into those places. Obviously, it’s not a good idea for newbie sugar babies or college sugar babies who need financial support. That’s why we highly recommend sugar daddy websites.

On sugar daddy or sugar baby websites, it is relatively easy to find an ideal sugar daddy. It is a straight platform where brings jointly like-minded sugar daddy and sugar baby. However, with the booming of sugar daters, tremendous sugar daddy websites flock into the internet, so it becomes difficult to pick up the best sugar daddy websites. You can read reviews of the best sugar daddy websites like and offering unbiased reviews of leading sugar dating sites, such as SugarDaddyMeet, Seeking, SugarDaddie, SugarDaddyForMe, Sudy App, Miss Travel and so on. On those review sites, you can not only have a comprehensive understanding of its features, cost, customer service and how it works, whether it’s worth trying.

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Actually, it’s better to try one or more sugar daddy websites when you ready to look for a local sugar daddy. Some sugar daddy websites are free for sugar babies like; some are only online sugar daddy websites, like; some are providing a three-day free trial, like; some sugar daddy websites value for the price especially for sugar daddies, like Those comprehensive reviews will help you find the right sites. All you need to do is creating your attractive profile and make a brief introduction of yourself and your expectations of your partner, but remember to keep your mystery to catch his attention to know more.

How to get sugar baby allowance from your sugar daddy?

Finding a sugar daddy is relatively easy though the best sugar daddy websites, but when it comes to money, you maybe feel a little awkward. Thus, we determine to show you how to get sugar baby allowance, are you ready to take your notes?

Don’t mention money on your profile and first date. On your profile, you’d better talk something interesting to catch your potential sugar daddies’ attention, showing what you can do for your sugar daddy instead of what you want from your sugar daddy, remember nobody wants to be your “ATM” when they don’t even know you. Rich men are smart and they are surrounded by people who want things from him, if you are trying to ask sugar baby allowance at the first date or the second date, he must consider you as another gold-digger instead of starting a relationship with him. In the beginning, it’s all about getting to know each other and catch your potential sugar daddies attention.

Be honest and express your desires. In fact, the benefit of joining a sugar daddy website is that you don’t have to explain your expectations. When both you and sugar daddy is getting to know well about each other, it’s time to display what you exactly want, such as you are expecting to receive an LV as a gift, you want to travel European countries or experience a romantic journey on a luxury cruise, you want your sugar daddy to pay your bills, support your education or living expenses. A legit sugar daddy will keep his promise and support you financially.

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Protect yourself emotionally and financially. Do not fall in love with your sugar daddy, it’s no doubt that successful sugar daddy has a fatal attraction to the young girl, don’t forget he maybe has one or more sugar baby at the same time. Sometimes, it’s common things to have sex with someone in a relationship, but we still recommend you do not have sex with your sugar daddy before you receiving your sugar baby allowance. When you decide to travel with your sugar daddy, it’s better to bring some money in case of getting into some awkward situations.

Now you are equipped with the right skills and mindset to find a sugar daddy, do not waste your time, start your sugar journey from the best sugar daddy websites.


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