What’s a sugar baby? What’s sugar baby perks on sugardaddie com?

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sugardaddiecomloginSugar baby is classified into two types: Female sugar babies & Male sugar babies, while they have the same purpose- basically financial support. Sugar babies are usually young, beautiful and attractive young women who are seeking financially or emotionally support, most of them are college girls. Male sugar baby is usually young and handsome young guys who are seeking for a sugar mummy who has confidence in finance and willing to satisfy his demands. However, sugar babies are also including single women or divorced young mom.

How old is a sugar baby?

Sugar babies are ranging from 18 to 35 years old. There is no acceptable age difference for girls in sugar bowl since people view on this matter vary from person to person. Some sugar daddies might consider 18 to 24 years old girl to be more innocence if they wanna a serious long-term relationship which might be not suitable for them. As a matter of fact, young and beautiful women are the first choice for a most wealthy sugar daddy.


Is being a sugar baby legal?

there is a misconception that lots of people regard sugar baby as a prostitute. Sugar daddy relationship is not about prostitution or escort, which is legal and accepted by more and more people. Being a sugar baby means to choose a new sugar lifestyle. Prostitution or escort service is someone who makes money by having sex with her clients and she didn’t have any choice for clients. Besides, prostitution or escort service is illegal, some prostitute is abused with violence.

How about average sugar baby allowance?

The average Sugar baby allowance is $3,000 which varies depends on sugar daddies they are dating with and location as well as lifestyle expectation. Usually, the big cities, with a higher cost of living expenses, command higher weekly allowance. It also depends on your looks, frequency of dating and what you can do for your sugar daddy. If you just want to see your sugar daddy 2-3 times a month, how can you expect a $3,000 monthly allowance? If you date with your sugar daddy 2-3 times a week and you are willing to do anything in the bed, $10k per month would be a reality.

How much should you ask for your allowance?

As it was described above, the average sugar baby allowance is $3,000 but it is defined by the circumstances, people involved and the generosity of your sugar daddy. Before setting a number, you have to ask yourself what can you do for your sugar daddies, like the business, you must worth the price and your sugar daddy is going to offer you the money. It is not wise to set a quite specific number you are searching for but determine your minimum allowance that you can accept. If you are seeking an arsenal of LV bags with $100billions at the beginning then you will be getting nothing finally. No one owes you anything.

How to be a great sugar baby to get your luxurious life?

Do you expect to enjoy generous allowance, luxurious gifts, exotic vacations, and shipping sprees across the globe? Yes, that’s what we called sugar baby lifestyle. If you are willing to enjoy such a luxurious sugar baby lifestyle, the first utmost thing is being a super sugar baby. We will offer all the suggestion you need to be a perfect sugar baby.

1.Know what you want and need. Being a sugar baby, you must know what type of sugar daddy you expected. Young or old, single or married, long-term relationship or short-term relationship, in fact, most sugar daddies are older men who may be older enough to be your grandfather but he can offer you the money you desired. He may be not handsome but fat or with special odor, and he may be a young handsome guy but he has three or even more sugar babies at the same time. So you have to make a choice what kind of men do you search for.

2.Compassion on sugar daddies. Do not get a crush on your sugar daddy. Sugar daddy is definitely attractive gentlemen who have a great taste and possess millions of assets and abundance resources. However, it is not wise to fall in love with him, if so, he will leave you as soon as possible. Most Old sugar daddy must get married and he just wants to create a sugar relationship without any commitments. The most sugar relationship is a short-term relationship but both parties get their benefactor.

3. Chose one or more sugar daddy dating website. The best and quickest way of finding a sugar daddy must be sugar dating websites. Sugardaddie com login is the best way to log in the sugar daddy dating websites. Sugardaddy com is a safe platform which brings people with same demands together to get what they want. Actually, you had better choose one or more best sugar daddy sites, and it will boost your chance of getting an ideal sugar daddy.

4. Invest in your looks. As we all know, youth and beauty is your asset. A charming face and sexy body and great communication skills make you shinning. So you must have to brush up on your makeup skills, go to the fitness room and keep fit.

5. Be patient.Finding an ideal sugar daddy is no longer easy cause there are so many sugar babies joining the sugar community, so please keep persist on searching. Besides, get into any sugar daddy/mommy/sugar baby relationship means a relationship, not in the long run. Your partner may just be looking for a short-term relationship on a free, casual, interesting and no- string-attached basis. There is no doubt that some sugar relationship turns into a serious relationship even get married in the end.

sugar baby perks

Sugar baby is a type of woman with great looks, young and ambitious. They are seeking wealthy generous men to build a relationship where both parties get what they want. If you want to get a young, sexy and beautiful girl to be your companion without any commitments, finding a sugar baby is your best options. Login sugardaddy com and start your sugar journey right now.


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